node red on udoo quad

on server install withoout xserver

UDOObuntu 2.1.2 Minimal (14.04 LTS)


log using ssh

see how to secure udoo install : -> link

Install NODE.js and npm

optional to upgrade npm:

Install node RED

on udoo board is quite is long process be patient

run node-red for testing

alt+C to exit

install ufw

check if is installed

!!do not activate yet!!

open ssh port


If need external access add port forward at 1880


Secure node red access


generate hash pw with:

Reference :

Secure dash UI access


generate hash pw with:


SSL & Let’s encrypt on ddns acount

port forward on your router to your local ip computer where you run node-red: refer to your router user manual

install light web server if you don’t have one installed (need only to setup let’encrypt cert) NB: you can use also ngix proxy solution see below)

certboot install:

var/www/html/ with the proper dir of your installed server and with your site

result must be somethin like this:

the cert are stored at:



copy cert1.pem privkey1.pem to your .node-red directory

on settings.js uncomment


add cron to renew your cert:
test if renew work

add in cron (see reference)


How to Schedule Tasks on Linux: An Introduction to Crontab Files

Proxy with NGInX

( if need to uninstall lighttpd this also stop service)

check if lighthttp is stoped


install NGInX